10K Friday

It almost felt like a Zombie apocalypse this morning when I went running. I have never seen that many people out “walking” at 5.00 AM in the morning. Usually the sidewalks are empty and I have the “whole world” for myself. At one point I left the sidewalk and ran on the street because of people “blocking” the sidewalks. Anyway, it was a great run overall. I like the early morning hours for my workouts in general because after a good workout – be it bootcamp (Kosama) or running I am totally energized for the rest of the day. [Read more...]

10K Training with my 9-year old Son

10K RaceLast year when I ran my very first marathon the “running bug” spread a little bit over to my son (8 years old back then) and we ran a couple of 5K races together. Since then he showed interest in running off and on, but I think the running bug really came back when I completed my triple marathon challenge just a few weeks ago. We did some running together on weekends and he asked me questions about races and that stuff and somehow we talked about doing a 10K race together. A local race event organizer does races where they hand out medals even to 5K and 10K runners which is not always the case depending on who is organizing a race. I figured if we do a race with this one event organizer that it might be a great experience for my son and we decided to go for it. [Read more...]

Speedy Miles Friday

Friday Early Morning Run

Friday Early Morning Run

Hello. How are you? I am finally back to my normal running and workout routine. Well, almost but that is a totally different story. Almost 2 weeks ago I finished up my triple marathon challenge and life has been pretty good since then. I took only one rest day after the Steamboat marathon and then went back to my daily Kosama Boot Camp Style workouts. I was tired at the end of last week, but tired in a good way. The pressure of having to do yet another marathon was gone, but I actually missed that pressure. That’s just how I roll. [Read more...]