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SOS Rehydrate

SOS Rehydrate

You would think summer is coming to end, but in my neck of the woods the warm weather is holding on dearly. There were a few exceptions though, but overall the second half of September and the beginning of October make it feel more like summer than fall. Last Monday was such an exception. We got hit by a rare late season hail storm and what a hail storm it was. It looked like a disaster zone once the storm had moved out. Dealing with the aftermath was no fun. My wife’s car got hit pretty bad and the insurance appraisal came out at $6,000 in hail damage. The car needs a new hood, a new roof, a new liftgate, and work on the fenders and doors, too. The roof on my house is heavily damaged as well and we are waiting for the appraiser to come out next week. Trees and bushes were damaged heavily and after cleaning up this weekend I have about 25 large bags of leafs and branches sitting outside for the garbage removal. [Read more...]

Denver Half Marathon 2014 (Trail Race Series) Re-Cap

Denver Half MarathonSeptember is a great month to run a race and I was out there to run the Denver Half Marathon that is part of the Endurance Race Series which concentrates on trail races. I had not really planned on running the half marathon and so I did not really train for it actually, but since I do a lot of bootcamp style workouts and shorter runs between 6 miles and 10 miles in length I figured I would be fine for this half marathon. Well, I was and I wasn’t, but more about that later. Anyway – a great race today and here is my re-cap of today’s event. [Read more...]

10K Friday

It almost felt like a Zombie apocalypse this morning when I went running. I have never seen that many people out “walking” at 5.00 AM in the morning. Usually the sidewalks are empty and I have the “whole world” for myself. At one point I left the sidewalk and ran on the street because of people “blocking” the sidewalks. Anyway, it was a great run overall. I like the early morning hours for my workouts in general because after a good workout – be it bootcamp (Kosama) or running I am totally energized for the rest of the day. [Read more...]